Kriti PROMIS is a comprehensive IT Application solution for exempted Provident Fund Trusts under the Provident Fund Act. PROMIS is integrated software taking care of total Business Management of PF Trusts. Bookkeeping, ledger maintenance, and preparation of Cash Book, Bankbook, Receipt & Payment Accounting, Investment Monitoring and Management etc. A team of professionals experienced in Banking, Finance and Business Applications has developed PROMIS over a period of three years deploying 11 man-years. The Software has been operational since past 4 years and has several prestigious Installations. PROMIS is totally parameterized in design to help easy customisation and implementation.

Kriti PROMIS has built-in several security features towards risk Management.The design and development has accommodated user feedback to make it simple in operation and easy to use. PROMIS has been designed on GUI using Visual Studio, at front end and is capable to support MsSQL. Web Version is scheduled to launch shortly. Kriti PROMIS has the facility to import data from the existing ERP Applications / Payroll packages eliminating data entry on subscription, loan repayment and avoiding the chances of reconciliation and mismatch.

Kriti PROMIS is modular in design having modules on multi location companies, On PF Subscriber Information, Subscription Accounting, Benefit Disbursal, Loan Management, Trust Accounting, and Investments Management. Administration module has the system control, menu control and other functional controls and facility to obtain custom reports according to the Trustees requirements.

Provident Fund Employee Online Self Service Portal Software (PF Portal Software) is an online software to address the employee enquiries on PF balance, Loan eligibility, PF annual statements etc.PROMIS Portal facilitates employees to login to a universally managed central web server and address their enquiries.The portal provides an updated accounts status online on real time basis on a monthly basis as well as printing annual PF statements, account slips from anywhere.

PF Employee Portal Software provides email & sms fescility. For registered email and mobile numbers the employee can get their statements through email and SMS. PF Employee Portal offers facility to integrate and connect with your Payroll Applications, ERP, SAP, PF Accounting software. No upfront Investments. Services are also available on subscription basis.

  • Employee Management
  • Subscription Accounting
  • Trust Accounting
  • Loan Accounting
  • Investments Management
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Benevolent Fund Management
  • Gratuity Fund Management
  • PF Employee Portal Software
  • PF Portal Software
  • Provident Fund Employee Online Self Service Portal Software
  • Employee Online PF Portal Software
  • Employee Self Service Solutions
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